The new Shorter and Shorter Plus implants are an evolution of PLATEAU implants with Press-fit fixation and have been studied and perfected by a team of Swiss engineers in order to improve their shape and surface because the design of a plant determines their clinical capabilities

SHORTER implants facilitate their positioning and rarely require grafting procedures. In many cases, Shorter implants can avoid complicated surgeries such as breast elevation and nerve repositioning, which can be an advantage from both a physician’s and a patient’s perspective.

The simplicity of the connection allows a very practical prosthetic procedure.

NTA products are certified according to national and international standards FDA, CE, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2012 and ISO 10002: 2004.

Moreover, our plants are all certified by the Italian Ministry of Health.


The best technology offered with an exceptional quality / price ratio.


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    Plateau Design

    The plateau design offers at least 30% more surface area compared to a screw type implant of the same length and diameter, and provides space for the formation of mature haversian bone system between the fins of the implant.

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    360° Flexible Positioning

    Shorter abutments are completely interchangeable and all benefit from the unique 360 ° positioning provided by the conical locking connection.

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    Sloping Shoulder

    The sloping shoulder offers great flexibility when positioning the implant and ensures suitable spaces for optimal bone regeneration.

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    Antirotational System

    In the Shorter Plus version implants, the use of vertical lines guarantees excellent anti-rotational characteristics.

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    1.5° Locking Taper

    1.5 Locking taper connection provides bacterial seal at the implant-abutment interface and Shorter’s bacterial seal avoids the microleakage issues.

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    Bacterial Seal Connection

    The locking taper connection provides an optimal bacterial seal avoiding micro-infiltration problems.

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    HA Treatment

    All Shorter implants are coated in HA (hydroxyapatite), calcium phosphate and tricalcium beta phosphate by a company specialized and certified by FDA in the United States.

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    Low-Speed Drilling

    Shorter’s Low-Speed drilling system with titanium ream- ers at 50 RPM and without irrigation allows the clinicians to harvest otologous bone. It also preserves the sharp- ness of the titanium reamers for an extended period so that the total surgery cost is reduced.

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